Dental prophylaxis

Dental ProphylaxisDental prophylaxis consists of preventive measures on the teeth and the periodontium to prevent the development or worsening of dental diseases. If you are interested in a sustainable, complete dental health, you will find necessary information about different possibilities of individual prophylaxis below. You are welcome to contact us for further information.

Levels of prophylaxis

Every prophylaxis works on different levels of prevention. Primary prophylaxis comprises those measures which prevent the development of diseases. In the field of dental prophylaxis, these are daily oral hygiene (brushing teeth), the predominant avoidance of foods with a high sugar content and, as part of dental treatment, fluoridation. Regular routine check-ups at the dentist are part of the secondary prevention level, with which diseases that have already occurred can be recognised early and treated optimally. Among other things, these check-ups serve the early detection of cancer. The so-called tertiary prophylaxis is directed against chronic diseases such as periodontosis, and also aims to prevent complications and relapses.

Prophylaxis with the help of professional dental cleaning

Professional dental cleaning is an essential element of dental prophylaxis. It includes a much more thorough cleaning than brushing your teeth with a toothbrush. If professional dental cleaning is carried out regularly, inflammation of the teeth and gums can be effectively prevented. This prevents diseases such as caries and periodontosis. During professional dental cleaning, the dentist removes hidden plaque above and below the gums, for which we use dental floss, interdental brushes and ultrasound, among other things. Finally, existing discolouration and deposits are removed with the help of a very fine diamond and no longer with the outdated application of a powder jet (airflow). Finally, we polish your teeth.

Prophylaxis through fissure sealing

The tooth fissures are the valleys in the chewing surface relief (up to a depth of one millimetre) of the posterior teeth. These can be very narrow, so a complete cleaning with conventional methods is almost impossible. Immediately after the tooth eruption, microorganisms colonize the fissures, a trigger for caries and other diseases. With fissure sealing you protect yourself against these complications. After cleaning the fissures, we fill them with low-viscosity synthetic resin, which effectively prevents bacterial colonization. Furthermore, we recommend the use of fluoride-containing toothpaste and mouth rinses, which protect the tooth structure.

Further measures of dental prophylaxis

There are other prophylactic measures for the optimal health of your teeth. Part of the dental competence is also the prophylaxis against bad breath, which can be eliminated by mouth rinsing solutions and cleaning the interdental spaces. All possibilities of inspection and palpation of your mouth and throat area in turn serve the early detection and prevention of various types of cancer in the oral cavity and throat. Make regular use of these possibilities offered by your dentist to protect yourself against these dreaded types of cancer! At home you can also do something for dental prophylaxis by using toothbrush tablets or removing plaque with a tongue scraper. These plaques are one of the main causes of bad breath, but they also encourage the growth of micro-organisms in the mouth, which can attack the teeth and gums.

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