Zeolite in dentistry

As a holistically working dental practice, our professional and scientifically oriented dental medicine and dentistry under the direction of Prof. (UF, USA) Dr. med. dent. Manfred F. Bender at Friesenplatz 17a in Cologne, Germany, has been successfully applying a new type of patient detoxification procedure for over four years.

We not only look at the teeth and oral cavity of our patients from Germany and abroad individually and in isolation, but also at the entire organism of these people. In the meantime, we have developed into zeolite experts.

Now what is this zeolite?

Zeolite, also known as clinoptilolite zeolite, is a naturally occurring volcanic mineral or rock flour and probably one of the oldest and most versatile active ingredients of mankind. Spectacular therapeutic successes have been reported for several hundreds of years.

It is best taken with still water and then binds many harmful substances that are absorbed daily in our digestive tract through our food and also through breathing. It acts as an ion exchanger and binds lead, mercury ions, but also metallic mercury and other metal ions. It has also been shown to bind ammonium, a metabolic poison harmful to the human body, in the intestinal tract, which is produced when protein digestion is insufficient. Another very important effect lies in its great ability to bind histamine. Histamine is the messenger and signal substance for allergies.

So now what’s the use of this?

Prof. Dr. Manfred Bender

Our digestive tract extends from the entrance of the oral cavity to the anus, the place where our digestive tract exits. In the oral cavity, the first energy processing from our food begins by crushing our food with our teeth and processing it with our tongue and saliva, before we swallow it down and it then passes through the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine and finally, after very complex processes, leaves the digestive tract in the form of excrement as a form that cannot be used by the body. The liquid form of the unused food components leaves our body in the form of urine through the urethra.

The importance of zeolite, or nature clinoptilolite zeolite, is that today we live in a time when more and more harmful substances are entering the human body. Our mainly industrially processed food will be less and less called food, because additives such as flavour enhancers, preservatives, pesticides, insecticides, other chemical ingredients, colouring agents and many others have left the soil of naturalness.

A creeping poisoning of tissues and organs with heavy metals and other environmental pollutants takes place mainly through our diet and unhealthy lifestyle. This can then lead to toxic reactions over the course of years. Serious health disorders or serious diseases can be the result.

Our body is a survival machine and is very willing to detoxify. Its matrix does not want to be poisoned, its milieu strives to be in order. But everything has its limits. If the detoxification of our body by the essential basic organs such as liver, intestines, kidneys can no longer take place properly, undesirable deposits in other tissues such as bones, skin and also hair will occur. The functionality of the important basic organs decreases and the body suffers damage. Fatigue, headaches, fatigue, burn-out, cancer, cardiovascular diseases are only a few of the consequences.

The advantage of zeolite is that it does not depend on the detoxification organs, but binds the toxins in the digestive tract like a sponge and removes them directly from the body by excretion.

There are no side effects because the volcanic mineral never enters the metabolism and is not absorbed by the body. As it passes through the digestive tract, it binds harmful substances to itself before they can enter the bloodstream and burden the body and its detoxification organs. Later, complete elimination with the bound toxins takes place. After regular intake, a concentration gradient develops, which ensures that toxins stored in the periphery are attracted like a sponge and thus are also eliminated step by step. In this way, the liver and kidneys as well as the gall bladder and intestines can recover and better fulfil their intended functions. The great aim of using natural clinoptilolite zeolite volcanic mineral is to protect the intestinal mucosa and thus help prevent long-term damage as mentioned above.

In dentistry, the elimination of bad breath, successful periodontitis treatments or also popularly called periodontosis treatments by means of suspension application and special carrier splints, heavy metal removal as in amalgam removal, successful implant treatments are the result of the successful relief of our patients’ bodies through the described application of zeolite.

Tiredness, listlessness, allergies, dizziness, trembling, exhaustion or even nausea, which can be associated with amalgam poisoning and amalgam drainage, have practically never occurred with experienced amalgam restoration with zeolite.

Heavy metal tests are possible as well as the reduction of liver values after detoxification. Tendencies of inflammation decrease significantly after successful therapy. Zeolite in modern implantology is a blessing because the healing rate is very high.

Summarized in brief:

Zeolite as a product is not metabolized in any way, simply passes through the intestinal tube, takes the pollutants with it, relieves the body and sometimes shows only short-term reactions such as diarrhoea. This is also a sign of detoxification and completely unproblematic. The body is freed from the harmful substances. Disease risks are thus considerably reduced. Healthy, fruit- and vegetable-rich food, as well as sufficient water consumption and regular moderate sport also help to keep the body healthy for a long time.

The success of modern dental treatment, advanced implantology with the most modern means, however, also depends on this basic knowledge to keep the whole organism of the human being in tact. We take care of this on a daily basis and provide information about it.