General Dentistry

General Densistry Cologne

In addition to our specialties in pediatric dentistry, dentures and implantology, we also offer general dental treatments. These range from biannual check-ups, oral hygiene education, professional tooth cleaning, periodontosis treatment, bleaching, tooth restoration, such as the removal of wisdom teeth, root canal treatment and fillings, Inlays, onlays, veneers, prostheses, telescopic dentures, cover dentures, crunch splints, bite splints, temporomandibular joint therapies, prosthesis repairs, prosthesis relinings, crowns and bridges, right up to in-house dental technology with our own practice laboratory. We also offer modern laser, magnetic field resonance and ozone therapies. Consultations for anxiety patients as well as relaxation therapies are also part of our holistic dentistry, which guarantees our patients a relaxed and gentle dental treatment.

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