Practice integrated dental laboratory

Zahnlabor420We have our own practice integrated dental laboratory. Thus we avoid cheap dentures from the Far East. You can get dentures Made in Germany® We only use materials from Germany, Switzerland and the USA. In almost three decades of dental technical work we have established our principles for the benefit of our customers. This includes aesthetics, highest quality and a fair, balanced price-performance ratio for our customers. We manufacture high-quality dental prostheses, including implant-supported dentures, bridges, veneers, crowns and total or partial dentures of the highest quality. (void missing) Due to our specialization in dental anxiety patients, all dental prosthesis treatments are carried out absolutely stress- and pain-free.

Our range of services

We cover classical dental technology and supply state-of-the-art laboratory work, including CAD/CAM crowns without metal, which are also suitable for allergy patients. The production takes place in our own milling centre, we do not outsource any work and therefore we personally guarantee quality, functionality and efficiency.

Rely on veneers against discolouration and cracks on the teeth

We produce high-quality veneers for aesthetic dentistry in the Cologne dental laboratory. The production is based on ceramics, which allows an individual adjustment to the tooth colour of the patient. We specialise in translucent, wafer-thin veneers, which can be used to repair unattractive areas as well as tooth gaps and malocclusions. The dentist applies the veneers to the surface of the teeth, hardly any tooth substance has to be ground down. In order to maintain the highest quality standards, we only use certified material from Germany, Switzerland and the USA. Regular training courses also permanently strengthen our know-how and thus our precise work.

All-ceramic crowns

These crowns last long and are biologically well tolerated. They are used – unlike veneers – for damaged teeth that have little tooth structure. We only use high-quality ceramic materials for the production, which we adapt to the tooth colour. With the help of the most modern CAD measurement technology, the accuracy of fit of the all-ceramic crowns is guaranteed. The completely metal-free material is not only biocompatible, but also translucent and can be matched to your own tooth colour. All-ceramic crowns are particularly suitable for front and incisors. In the Cologne dental laboratory, we always test all the material – veneers, crowns and prostheses – with regard to the required quality before the pieces leave our premises.

Latest production methods for full and partial dentures

In the case of full or partial dentures, the shape plays an essential role in addition to the colour. We develop individual solutions for each patient in our dental laboratory in Cologne. Here, too, the later wearers can rely on the highest quality, no matter whether they are looking for expensive telescopic or attachment dentures or the less expensive clasp dentures. Telescopic prostheses naturally have advantages. They can be extended at any time if there is a progressive loss of teeth. We offer telescopic dentures that can be extended at will and which can be adapted to the current condition of the teeth. For attachment prostheses, in addition to the necessary dentures, we also make the crowns that serve as attachments for the attachment prostheses. With the help of CAD/CAM technology, we manufacture superstructures that have proven themselves in the implant area. They have a long service life and can be matched to the colour of the teeth. At the same time, modern technologies allow us to adapt their shape with the utmost precision. With the help of this technology, modern implants can hardly be distinguished from a natural tooth. In addition to their aesthetics, they are highly functional, serve their wearer like a natural, healthy tooth and are practically not noticeable as “foreign bodies”. Should there still be a feeling of pressure after the first use, we can quickly and easily eliminate even the smallest adjustment problems in the Cologne dental laboratory.

Special splints from the dental laboratory in Cologne

In addition to our work in the field of aesthetic dentistry, we manufacture special splints that are used for temporomandibular joint diseases. Misalignments of the jaw, including the associated teeth grinding, lead to complaints not only in the mouth and jaw area, but down to the neck and shoulders. Thanks to our know-how in the field of functional diagnostics, we are able to produce exactly fitting splints made of plastic, with which the malposition of the temporomandibular joints can be gradually eliminated. Thus, our dental laboratory covers the entire spectrum of dental technology, both prosthesis technology and repair work as well as implantology and various variants required within aesthetic dentistry. Our Cologne dental laboratory works with the latest techniques in many different dental fields and can certainly score with reliability, quality and service. This results in high-quality products for aesthetic dental treatments, prosthetics and dental corrections. We ensure the competence of our team, which is fully trained in the areas of teeth, jaws and mouth, through regular further training.

Beautiful, healthy teeth are a figurehead for every person and furthermore the most important guarantee for a radiant smile, which in turn is combined with a confident appearance and self-confidence. Contact us for your inquiries!